(Green) Peas Flour

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With the name of Pea Flour, the grinding of pea grains (Pisumsativum L.) means clean, dry and free of impurities, made from the grinding of partially peeled pea flakes. It is presented as a fine powder and homogeneous granulometry. It contains part of the bran (tegument) and endosperm flour. It is a product of direct consumption, since during its preparation it has been subjected to a cooking process. In the preparation of this product no additives or chemical preservatives have been used, it is a GLUTEN FREE product.

GMO DECLARATION (Genetically modified organisms): peas as raw material and flour as final product, are NOT genetically modified products.

COMPOSITION: Green Pea (Pisum sativum L.) 100%

Upon customer request. Options: in 25 kg POLIPAPEL bags; – 20/20 x 500 Gr polypropylene packaging – In 6 Kg Polyethylene bales (12 packages)

Note: The container is suitable to be in contact with food, ensures the closure and inviolability of the containers. The labels, in addition to the date of preparation and batch, will contain the data requested by the client.

It must be carried out in a closed place, with ventilation protected from the entry of insects, under optimal conditions of ambient temperature and relative humidity, separated from chemical products, wood, unprocessed cereals or any product with intense odors.

Useful lifeSince its preparation and in optimal storage conditions, its shelf life is 8 months


Physical-Chemical ParametersValues
Pureza99.95% (may contain traces of other seeds )
ColorIt has a uniform light green color, characteristic of ripe green peas.
AppearanceHomogenous mixture of finely ground particles of endosperm and part of the integument, constituting a fine-looking powder.
Smell and tasteIt has a characteristic pea smell and taste, free of odors and strange flavors (stale, bitter, chemical products).
MoistureMáximo 15%
Protein22 ‑ 24,5 %
Fibra cruda (base seca)3,5 %
Energía Digestible3.45 MCal/Kg.
Total Fat2 %
Cholesterol0 %
Ashes3 %
Ca75 mgr./ 100 gr sample
Fe17 mg/ 100 gr sample
Retention Mesh Nº25Max. 1% (limit 100 g of sample)
Retention Mesh Nº 40Max. 10%
Retention Mesh Nº 6044% – 74%
BackgroundMín. 25%
MicrobiologicalValues- Units
Molds / Yeasts100 UFC/gr.
Total Coliforms100 UFC/gr.
E. ColiNegative (en 1 gr.)
SalmonellaAbscense (en 25 gr.)

Uses and Properties:

  • Provides spongy texture to the final product in pastry. When used in sausages, it improves product slicing.
  • Predisposition to the retention of juices and moisture.
  • It allows lowering blood glucose, as it helps improve tolerance to it.
  • It does not contain Gluten or cholesterol. Excellent ability to bond with water.
  • It allows to develop innovative and healthy products.
  • When combined with wheat flour a complete product is obtained, since wheat flour is rich in amino acid methionine and pea flour is rich in amino acid lysine.
  • It gives volume and increases the expansion (allows to increase the performance of the products).
  • Preparation of pasta, tortillas, arepas, breads, snacks, brownies and bakery in general.
  • Preparation of dehydrated soups – sauces and dressings.


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