Sunflower Seeds

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Sunflower seeds are well known throughout the world for their characteristics and also for the various applications or uses they have.
In this sense, they provide an incredible amount of nutrients.
Sunflower seeds contain good quality fatty acids, which is why they are excellent for preventing problems related to circulation and the cardiovascular system.
They also have a high content of vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, good for the skin, fertility and circulation.

Sunflower seeds have high levels of phosphorus and magnesium, great for proper brain function, for memory and the nervous system.
On the other hand, they have a high calcium content, which is why they are recommended for pregnant women, children and people with osteoporosis, among others.

Specs Analysis

Dry Matter  92,53 %
Ethereal Extract 32,61 %
Crude Fiber 22,61 %
Ashes 3,72 %
Nitrogen Free Extract 16,08 %